WA Notice Period for Leaving Employer?

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23 September 2014
Hi, I'm originally from the UK and have just signed a 6 month employment contract to work in Perth. My contract's notice period clause says I have to give one month's notice if I'm to leave, but I was wondering what would happen if I didn't? I'm really homesick at the moment and want to move back home to be with my family. Do I have any employee rights to leave early? If I don't give notice, what could they do to me once I've moved out of the country? Thanks


There's not a lot they can do, maybe just withhold holiday or pay entitlements if they are owing to you. It depends on the employer but, often although they stipulate 1 months notice in contracts, they are quite reasonable if you speak with your HR manager and explain the situation. Its not like they can hold you captive to stay and work for them for the month.

If you have some leave accrued - sick or holiday pay you could use some of it to reduce the notice period. Ie. give 1 month's notice but take leave for the last 2 weeks?
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