NSW Non P Plate Compliant Fine

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20 August 2014
My son was recently pulled over and fined for driving a non p1/p2 compliant car. When we bought the car in April we researched it and were assured by numerous independent sources that the car WAS legal to drive. It is a 2007 Volkswagon Golf 1.4l tsi ...... We appealed the fine but because the officer wrote on the fine that it was a turbo 4 ( which it is not and never was) we now have to take it to court.

What supporting documentation under Traffic Law should we get to prove that the car is not a turbo 4 ( apparently the VIN number, rego papers, insurance papers, list of allowed cars from RMS was not enough proof)

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Neens,

Have you gotten some independent mechanics to assess your car? If so, their written statements, or better, their statutory declarations, as to what type of car it is should be sufficient evidence. It is always better to have an assessment of the actual vehicle. This is because registration documents, insurance papers and other documents may have errors on them (there have been instances in the past where this was the case).

Best of luck.