NSW New visa/PR with CRO on Domestic Violence

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29 June 2021
I hope my query relates to a lot of Immigrant couple who got affected with COVID.
Sincere gratitude for your responses.

After long months of trial I have been found guilty of common assault without bodily harm to my wife (DVO). However due to trivial nature of offense(a slap) and my mental condition with no prior criminal history I got no conviction and released on a CRO effective for 2 years. Additionally I have a ADVO imposed for the 2 years where the conditions are relaxed and now I am able to stay with my wife and 5 year old kid.
I have applied for a section 32 but was denied.
CRO conditions - Finish therapy sessions with Psychologist, undergo a Domestic violence correction program & be supervised by communi

My visa will expire in 6 months and I hope to get an Employment sponsorship visa (482).

I have spent my entire life savings to come this far, but put everything on stake with a single mistake.
For six months a night hasn’t passed without nightmare, anxiety and a constant feeling of hopelessness.

-Would I fail the Character test?
-Will the new Domestic Violence law prevent me from getting a new Visa or getting PR approved?
-Should I appeal to District court for the section 32?
- Is there any hope now?