QLD New Partner's involvement in Home Sale, Conveyancing and Property Settlement

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20 May 2020
My ex partner and I have just sold a home. We were in defacto rel. w 1 child and separated 10 months ago. He entered into a new relationship 8 months ago and lives with her. His new partner keeps butting into our property settlement and is causing problems. We can't seem to come to an agreement and he has now changed lawyers. His new lawyer has included the new partner in the e-mail correspondence to our conveyancing solicitor (by CC-ing her in the e-mail) in regards to the home sale and requesting that the money goes into the trust account until we reach an agreement.

I don't understand why she is being formally involved in the process?
What are my rights to exclude her from this process as she is severely damaging the process and the coparenting relationship between my ex and I.

Thank you for your help.