NSW Medical negligence

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18 February 2021
I had drains removed and cosmetic surgeon pulled so hard he detached a drain and didn’t notice. Two months later, after being told my pain was stitches dissolving, I notice a cord like structure under my skin in my abdomen. Radiology confirmed a piece of drain. Dr removed this in his clinic with local anaesthetic (without adrenaline) administered to the site he chose to cut at (2cm). He pulled and pulled, telling me I was super sensitive and over anxious. I cried. And but my tongue. He then realised he couldn’t see passed all the blood so he then used adrenaline. He dug with a skin hook to find it as he couldn’t fit his finger in the hole he made. Then he realised there were adhesions. I warned him if this as it had now been three months and I knew my body would be trying to compartmentalise the foreign body but he said he’d stop if that was the case. He didn’t stop. In fact he had typed up a radiology request prior to removal stating he removed it the day before. The drain was a total of 15cm. He broke it removing it this second time, but both ends are there and therefore he never broke it originally, just undone it from the pump. I had radiology 10 days ago to see if there were anymore after he broke it, and he says he hasn’t received reports yet radiology said they faxed it the same day as scans done. I’m very sure and swollen but he has no plans for review for 3 months. He also refuses to do scar revision for the terrible scar that I suffer because I got a HAI too, which he also refused to treat. I will need future surgery to fix his mess and would not dare let him try a third time. I am also stuck with these adhesion pains which are crippling until further notice. The HCCC has urged me to do a report which I believe would help any compensation case I start. Every interaction with this surgeon results in more dismay.