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Small-claims courts have limited jurisdiction to hear civil cases between private litigants. Courts authorized to try small claims may also have other judicial functions, and go by different names in different jurisdictions. For example, it may be known as a county or magistrate's court. These courts can be found in Australia, Brazil, Canada, England and Wales, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, Philippines, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa and the United States.

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    QLD Hidden fees charged without knowledge/consent, refusing to return.

    I've recently been in a situation similar to what is explained here: Hidden Fees? Your Australian Consumer Law Rights - Legal Blog - A certain car rental company has hidden their change of booking and/or cancellation fees in an obscure, fine print part of their website. At no...
  2. J

    I have a judgment but the defendant hasn't paid

    A mutual agreement was made on 29/07/2019 for the sale of goods valued at $780.00AUD, note that it was via an online platform ( i'm based in Canberra, she is in Brisbane) . They buyer sent a false 'proof of payment' screenshot in which by then i had already sent the items to her. We've been...
  3. A

    NT Small Claims Tribunal - jurisdiction?

    Does a small claims tribunal have jurisdiction if the respondent is no longer an Australian resident and only infrequently visits Australia? Is service of documents effected if left at the previous address of the Australian Resident, while the respondent was offshore.? (the address is a home...
  4. K

    ACT File Against Seller in Small Claims Tribunal?

    Sorry in advance for the long form. I bought a car from a private seller in Sydney, went and test drove the car. While test driving the car and after, I asked the seller about how the car was mechanically. He told it runs good and never ran into problems with it. During the test drive of the...
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    QLD How Long Order from Small Claims Tribunal Last?

    I took a person to the Small Claims Tribunal (SCT) back in 2008. I was issued an Order of the Tribunal for the full amount, however, the person did not pay within the 28 days and refused to negotiate. I requested an oral examination of her financial circumstances on behalf of the SCT and found...
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    QLD How to Prove I Never Received Wages in Cash?

    Mediation with my previous employer and Fair Work Australia ombudsman has failed and I now need to make an application to small claims tribunal to have the issue resolved. My previous employer constantly skipped my pay, was late pay every week and just flat out under paid me with no payslips to...
  7. B

    NSW Person Who Hired Me Not Responding - Take to Small Claims Tribunal?

    I am a DJ who was recently hired to play at an event that I am yet to be paid for, and the person who hired me is not responding to any communication that I send them. I am considering that I may have to go to small claims tribunal in order to resolve this. My question is, whether the evidence I...
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    WA Lost Rental Payment - Who Should I Sue under Property Law?

    I am a landlord with a rental property (unit) being managed by a reputable Real Estate Agent. The tenant pays the rent monthly by cheque through the estate agent. The estate then credits my bank account with the funds. On 01/NOV/15, the tenant paid the rent by cheque. I was told by the real...
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    NSW Australian Consumer Law - Was There an Implied Agreement of Sale?

    An offer of $300 was made, date for pick up provided by seller. Does that mean the offer was accepted under Australian Consumer Law? Was that an implied agreement made by the seller to the buyer? I.e. has a contract been entered by both parties to the sale of item for offered price? Is a $300...
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    Mislead by Salesman to Buy Car - What to Do?

    Hi Everyone, I was hoping you may be able to help me. I purchased a vehicle from a large dealership in Adelaide around 9 months ago. The car is a Ford GS. We paid $36,000 dollars. The car, however, is not a standard off the line vehicle and has had substantial work done to the engine. On...