medical negligence

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  1. Nga

    NSW Wrong info on our dad's Death Certificate, his whole case is a shambles

    I have just received my father's death certificate, and I the daughter am from New Zealand is not happy with the informants incorrect details given. My dad has live in Sydney for 32yrs, he met the informant years ago which was my dads ex partner they ended up being friends and she became a...
  2. S

    SA Permanently Disabled from the medical negligence of a Specialist. What is the time frame for legal a

    Good afternoon, I am hoping if someone can tell me how long do I have and if there are exceptions accepted if someone was too late? Thank you for taking the time out to answer or read my post
  3. B

    WA Surgeon declined operation

    Hi, I'm a white male aged 27, married for 2 years (been with wife for 7 years), have 2 kids and happy in my life just dont want any more kids. In november 2017 i saw a urologist to look at getting a vasectomy, they refused to do the surgery based on my age (understandable) instead i was told...
  4. J

    NSW Medical negligence / privacy

    Hi there. I recently asked for help from the community mental health team. the doctor wrote a referral for an ECG and listed the wrong doctor to receive a copy. I told her so and she repeated the mistake. The 'wrong' doctor only treated me for an ankle injury at A&E. Although I told the doctor...
  5. Regina Saunders

    NSW Dental procedure gone wrong

    hi had some dental treatment done through an Aboriginal Health Care, wisdom teeth issues, and the dentist decided to extract a tooth from beside my wisdom teeth. She did not take an X Ray. It seems my teeth were fused to my jaw and the prolonged extraction has created a great gaping hole in my...
  6. L

    QLD Medical Negligence Claims

    My enquiry relates to the statute of limitations on a medical negligence claim. My current understanding in Qld is that you have 3 years in which to make a claim, however, when does the 3 years commence. For example, if an incorrect diagnosis caused a person to be classified as mentally impaired...
  7. L

    VIC Medical negligence/broken finger

    I was recently in prison for 90 days and due to unrelated medical issues I was in a wheelchair. I was wheeling myself back to my unit on the path that is next to an oval. There were woman playing football on it and as I was going past he football was coming towards my head so I put my hand up to...
  8. N

    WA Can I Make a Claim for Medical Negligence?

    A doctor I saw 2 years ago for back pain referred me to get x-rays in where no abnormalities were found. His closing statement was ''the pain is in my head'' and that's the last I heard from him. I've recently seen a different GP and I was given an MRI which found arthritis and various...
  9. J

    NSW Medical Negligence and Hospital Bill in Spain

    Hi there, In 2013 I was admitted to a hospital in Spain for emergency surgery. Still to this day, Australian doctors are unsure what the Spanish surgeon did and still to this day, I suffer many illnesses and pain from the bad job of the Spanish surgeon and his medical negligence. I was...
  10. D

    WA Thoughts on General Pediatrician's Medical Negligence?

    Hi Everyone, Basically a relative of mine experienced the onset of stroke while working one day. He visited a GP complaining about his sudden dizziness and disorientation, and headache. The doctor basically checked his blood pressure which recorded 180/90, which is quite high. He gave him a...