NSW Licence suspension

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11 April 2022
Hello, I am a P2 driver and got an immediate police suspension for a 3 month period due to driving more than 30km/hr over the limit on a highway road with a 110 limit. I believe that because I only have a limited number of points given that I am a P2 driver that the 5 points I receive for commuting this offence will lead to me receiving a further 3 month suspension by transport NSW in addition to the 3 months I’m currently serving. I’ve never had a suspension before and the only traffic offence I have ever committed was running a red light. I have several questions:

1) Do I have the option to appeal this second suspension in court or did I need to appeal the police suspension (the first one)?

2)What is the likelihood of me successfully appealing this second suspension in court given that if it was a speed camera I would have only received a 3 month suspension (not 2 three month suspensions). I have substantial proof of good character (records of community service, character references from other people, high academic performance and effort etc) as well as a driving requirement for my job.

3) Is the second suspension effective immediately (transport NSW suspensions are usually not but I’ve already had the police suspension)

4) if I request to appeal the second suspension is my second suspension stayed till a decision is made (will I be able to drive between the end of my first suspension and my appeal date)

Thanks very much