NSW Queries on Traffic Infringement Notice and Drivers Licence Suspension?

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2 February 2017
Hey guys,

Just a quick question to do with traffic infringement notices and license suspensions. So back in last July, I got a speeding fine for 55km in a marked 50km zone. This caused me to lose my drivers licence for 3 months starting November when I paid the fine.

During the period between losing my drivers licence for that fine and getting the fine itself, I accumulated 3 more fines on my learner restricted bike licence and these were as follows: 20km/h over the marked limit and not displaying Learner plates as required x2.

So I'm going to get my drivers licence back on the 28th of February but on inspection the RTA have informed me that I will lose it again the week after for 6 months due to the other 3 offences being processed at separate times.

Because it's been more than 31 days since the fines were acquired I am not able to appeal them formally through the government system. Now I have a few questions.

1. Is it possible to go to court and appeal this suspension / how do I go about it?

2. Should I attend the RTA approved safer drivers course before attending court to show initiative?

3. I need my drivers licence desperately for work as there is no public transport in my area except one bus early morning and late afternoon. My mother is also going through chemotherapy so it's a huge stress on my family to peddle me around and I am not able to initiate career goals and move forward. Will these hold up in court ?

4. Do I ask to bar th suspension completely or a reduced sentence? Any tips and answers would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


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6 February 2017
I'll give my 2 cents worth, and it might help.

1. Yes, you can agree to go to court, obviously the fine or suspension may and will go up.

2. I don't think it will really help, but it can't hurt.

3. Irrelevant.

4. You can ask for payment plans, and plead for a reduced amount of suspension by giving stacks of reasons why you did this, whilst agreeing you did in fact do the wrong thing (admission of guilt is a pet love for judges).

To me, it doesn't look good, I probably wouldn't even go to court unless you had this incredible story of your baby needs immediate medication from the chemist and you just had to go (although you now would never do this as you were just not thinking straight back then, with the breakup of your girlfriend and loss of job all happening on the same day :D )