WA Lawyer Duped Me into Signing Documents - Any Recourse?

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Lisa sumpton

4 August 2015
Hi I'm in an entangled mess with a lawyer that duped me. After my ex partner died having no will, this lawyer went to court to apply to be the administrator of what was left and court said there was no need for him, but because I was so upset at that time I didn't realise what he was doing when he came back to me telling me to sign a document saying there was a need for him as surety.

Is there anyway I can reverse this damage that he's done to me as I'm in a huge entangled mess because of him?

Kind regards.


If you are really concerned about the conduct of this lawyer you can contact the WA Legal Practice Board and make a complaint. They can tell you whether what this lawyer has done is unprofessional or inappropriate in the circumstances.