VIC landlord responsibility - backyard drainage and pergola leaking

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16 November 2021
Hi all,
I have rented out a house in SE subs of Melbourne (I am the landlord) and today I was approached by the managing agent saying that the tenants are complaining about a leak on the external pergola where the house gutters join the pergola roof and about some grassed areas where a lot of water pools following rain making it very muddy for days. I understand this is my property and it is my responsibility but this is neither massive (i lived in that property for 7 years so I know the issues) nor affect house access or internal livability. The house is over 20yo and I have tried to get these issues fixed in the past and I was told that for the mud forming it is a problem of the soil (clay) and for the pergola I was told that when it was build in the first place they made some mistake and to fix that minor like I would need massive work on the whole pergola. Am I obliged to rectify this under the law or this are things that can be ignored as it does not affect the agibility and safety of the property?
Thank you so much for your suggestions!

P.S. I am not trying to shirk my responsibilities as I want my tenants to be comfortable, I made sure that all the internal appliances and fixtures were not only new but also high quality before them moving in. I just think that this issues are not major and the potential costs associated would be affecting the viability of the investment