VIC Landlord lockout of commercial premises

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Paul clark

29 March 2019

I have a premises that the lease has expired on. Without notice the landlord has changed the locks. The rent is several weeks late but no notice of eviction or anything has been received. We closed the business last saturday due to ill health. The place despite numerous complaints leaks like a sieve and the landlord took 3 months or more to fix it. My solicitor was in the process of doing up notice to vacate. The landlord monday this week rang up wanting to see me that afternoon. I was away and never received the message till that night.he has asked once how much to buy everything Nd he thought it too high. He then left a message stating he wished to discuss the rental arears and purchasing of contents. Which i no longer wish to sell to him. I own everything inside the entire fitout. Then the following day he has locked the door. What are my rights here?

Paul Cott

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26 May 2014
Ballarat, Victoria
Hi Paul, If your property is in there and they are now allowing you access to it, i would get your solicitor to send a letter to the landlord saying if you do not give it voer within 7 days at most, you will make an application to a court, or will report it to the police to gain access to your property. Hope that helps.