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Is There a Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury?

Discussion in 'Personal Injury Law Forum' started by John Apthorp, 27 June 2014.

  1. John Apthorp

    John Apthorp Member

    27 June 2014
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    Hi, in 1973 I was pushed over a school desk by my maths teacher & I hit my back on the desk behind me. I had a sore back for a number of weeks & have suffered from pain in the general area for the past 41yrs later. I now have Arthritis at the injury site. Would I have any comeback on the school or school teacher?
  2. Tim W

    Tim W Lawyer
    LawTap Verified Lawyer

    28 April 2014
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    I suspect that you are "out of time" to make a claim,
    but you should seek the advice of a specialist personal injury lawyer in your state.

    Assuming for a moment that you are not time barred from making a claim,
    then your prospects of success depend on how much evidence you have
    (belief, no matter how strongly held, is not evidence).
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