VIC Inheritance After Separation and Property Settlement?

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4 October 2017
Thanks Sammy, that does make me feel as though I have negotiated well enough to proceed calmly through some pretty murky waters. I did want to avoid court as much as possible.

Yes, its 6 nights a fortnight and half school holidays.

Christmas and Birthdays are by negotiation. Even when we were together I was always negotiable with her family - usually going to their family for Christmas in Sydney or regional NSW... So during mediation I negotiated that she would have the boys for Christmas day over the next few years. Then we would simply have equal time around the Christmas period where I could travel with them to see my family. I didn't and don't like the idea of the kids being dragged from one place to another over that time or even Christmas day alone - I just don't think that is fair to them, or to the extended family. Mine or hers.

It has been a chess game. but the kids have come out relatively unscathed which I am grateful for.
On wards and upwards from here.

Thank you again for your time and comments. Cheers