NSW Impact when Reversing

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    19 June 2019
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    Hi there, looking for some guidance.

    I pulled nose first into a parallel parking spot, straightened the car up with heaps of room in front.

    Then made sure it was safe to reverse fully into the spot, mirrors, over shoulder and reverse Cam.

    I was slowly reversing, looking over my left shoulder when I heard a horn and had a small collision.

    The car I collided with had been parked on the other side of the road, and had basically pulled out of his spot, and poked his nose in to where I was reversing in an attempt to do a Uturn,

    It was impossible to see him, as I was looking over my left shoulder.

    As I understand, U-turns must be made from the lane nearest the centre and not from a row of parked cars.

    Keen to understand who is the at-fault driver? I think it's him.

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