NSW I bought lottery tickets but never received them

Discussion in 'Australian Consumer Law Forum' started by Mike Ogilvy, 7 January 2019.

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    7 January 2019
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    I bought several lottery tickets from a well-known charity that I supported quite a few times before, definitely not a scam, and they were going to email me the tickets. Didn't get them, so I rang them up, and they said they would send again. Still didn't get them, so I rang about 5 times over several weeks to no avail. Finally I said forget the email just post them to me. That was about middle December last year but I never got them.

    The prize is $25,000 and I could have won it. It is possible, but not when they don't hand over the tickets I paid for. I can prove I paid because it's on my bank statement. Do I have a case under Australian Consumer Law? Are there any cases that have set a precedent?
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    In ACL terms, this is less about charities and fundraising,
    and more about a mail order purchase going wrong.
    Give Fair Trading a call
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