QLD How to Make Confidentiality Agreement Signed by Minor Binding?

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11 February 2017
I am currently 16 years of age but I work for some organisations online. In order to move up the rankings, I am required to sign a confidentially agreement. The company is based in California and apparently a minor is able to void a contract at any stage if they so choose in the US.

They want me to be protected and I would like to work further with them. I live in QLD, they are based in the USA. Is there anyway (with a parental / guardianship signature maybe) to make this contract binding?

Sorry if I explained this badly. If you need further info, just let me know and I'll reply to your comment :)



Well-Known Member
6 February 2017
LOL, well obviously the answer is to get a better phone. Oh wait, that contract thingy.

Sounds like a standard 'confidentially agreement'. I'm sure your parents could tell if it's legit or not. As for the company abiding by the agreement they asked you to sign, I'm sure they will. But everyone knows your signature is just a 'trust' that you will go along with it, it won't hold up in a court or anything unless your parents (adults) have to sign it too?

What is your point?

You want to work there. They asked you to sign a privacy thing, great idea.

Maybe I missed something? Did you want them to be committed to a contracted relationship with you? Its just a 'confidentially agreement', they can't be expected to make you a lifetime employee, we can only hope I suppose :)