VIC How to Get Refund from Carpet Call?

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27 May 2016
My parents ordered planks from Carpet Call in November 2011 and have given a fair sum money in deposit - 40% (they refused to take 10%). We have been planning and saving for a long time. After some time suddenly we didn't have that money to pay for the rest of the planks due to some family problems.

My dad had approached them via phone. We decided that it's better if we can get the refund back. Since clearly it stated that there was a 10-day cooling off period and the call took place within that. My father approached them via phone to discuss this matter.

My father told them that we changed our minds (not our financial hardship) but they retaliated back that we could only take the stock. My father said he would discuss it with his family. The problem is that we don't have the money to pay for the rest. They didn't call after that and, no stock was given and we didn't chase this up since my parents had their hands full (difficult times).

After this 2016, my father received a phone call about this matter, they discussed it over the phone and the representative said they would see what they can do, but it has been a month since the call.

My father decided to tell me this and we've decided to try to get the money back since we could use that money. So I'm wondering how could we get the money back under Australian Consumer Law when talking with them doesn't resolve the problem?

Victoria S

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
It depends on the terms of any agreement or purchase order that you signed with them. If it says that the deposit was non refundable and you did not cancel the transaction completely within the cooling off period according to the terms, you don't have grounds to claim a refund.