QLD How Long Do Police Keep Records of Juvenile Arrests?

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16 August 2018
How long do police keep records of juvenile arrests of a 16-year-old and under, when the arrests resulted in no action, not even a caution? Is there likely to be any record of this 9 years later when an individual has not been arrested since? Also how does one go about finding out if there is any trace of this?


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27 September 2015
Yup it is still on file... The only reason it is gonna matter is If you applied to become a police officer...

They will ask if you have ever had any negative incidence with the police and could use it as reason enough to knock back your application. Apart from that it is ancient history.


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5 January 2018
From my understanding (watching TV and reading), it will stay forever, but the good thing it is not disclosed, what I mean it will not show in a criminal check when the person is an adult, but the police will have access to it if needed and I think by court order, so although it shows there is a record but do not access the contents or know what is the record is about. This is my understanding. I maybe wrong. hopefully someone will correct me if I am.