Homework Question - Agree or Disagree to Update Outdated Laws?

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15 February 2016
The Australian Government has launched a new digital taskforce to update outdated laws associated with the use of technology. Do You Agree? Justify. This is homework. haha


Yes! Laws must be progressive in order to achieve the desired effect. Law makers must take into consideration how the use of technology impacts or creates new criminal offences so that inappropriate behaviour can be identified and actioned. The use of technology in business creates a need for regulation in order to protect the right, security and privacy. Is that a start?
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Tim W

LawTap Verified
28 April 2014
What @Sophea said.

For example... consider some issues, such as domain squatting, that didn't even exist "before "technology".
Or, how some offences that are easier to commit now - such as commercial scale breaching of copyright - because the gear exists to do it, and is cheap enough to be owned by anybody.
Think about how it's OK to rip legitimate CDs that you own, but to make and sell commercial quantities, can be an offence.

Consider also some of the offences that are much easier to commit nowadays - such as recording phone calls.

If you want to shoot for top marks, talk about how there is no right to privacy of the kind most people think,
but how a common law right to privacy will be discovered any day now - as soon as the right case comes along.


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27 May 2014
Throw in paragraph or two about government surveillance on its citizens. New metadata laws do not require judge issued warrants. And the organisations that can access this information is not limited to police.

Now, this law is here with us, how easy will be to sneak in 'minor' amendments so content is next required.

Think about the effect on whistle-blowers in today's society. They have a more important role these days in detecting and exposing crimes and large-scale immoral behaviour by corporations and government. Where is their protection? and protection for journalists.

Think about 2 years prison for doctors reporting abuse of detainees in social media.

Remember not all the new laws are there to protect us, some are there solely to protect wrongdoers in government.

Then you have cases of people losing jobs over private remarks in social media. Fair or not?

Today's society is changing because of technology. The laws need to change with society.