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    I signed up to the freelance plattform: It works in this way. You as a freelancer can bit on projects and if the recruiter accept the offer he gives you the project. In the moment you accept the offer charges you a project fee. If the recruiter ends the project or cancel it or whatever you have to pay the fee regardless if it was your decision or fault or not. told me that this fee is charged to the recruiter too. I was scamed by two projects. The recruiter decided not to go along with the project and stopped the communication. I have free trial account and to close it, I have to pay the fee, even if I didn't get payed at all. Is this system legal? How can I know, that the recruiter is not from and just creating projects to scam the people and to get their money. What should I do? What would happen if I don't pay?
    Thanks for your help.
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    Without reading all the fine - probably.

    You do not unless you gather your evidence. Suspect it is unlikely

    Consider it a cheap life's lesson. I know someone who lost 5 figures when a similar company went into administration.

    You may have just gotten off to a bad start. Maybe these 'fees' need to be added to your prices so you are not out of pocket.

    They will either chase you, or forget the debt. Either way they'll likely kick you off their platform.[/QUOTE]
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