Foxtel dish removement caused roof leaking

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    Tenant A installed the dish on the roof without permission of landlord and left the dish on roof when he left the property. Tenant B moved in and connected to Foxtel. B move out last year and currently still have Foxtel service in her new property. When B left, the dish was gone as well. Leaking then happened after she (B) left. Agent suggested that perhaps Foxtel removed it after she vacated once she transferred the service to her new property.

    I need to find out if Foxtel removed the dish or tenant B removed it herself and then installed the dish on her new property or someone else steal it (less likely).

    Foxtel refused to provide if Foxtel removed the dish from our property to B's new property and B said she did not remove the dish.

    Foxtel has all the data to solve the matter, but cannot provided information on the matter directly to us. and ask us to ask tenant B to release the information from Foxtel.

    Any suggestions on how to find out the information on who removed the dish from roof?
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