VIC A complicated co-tenant quandary?

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30 June 2020
Melbourne, VIC
I have been the only tenant on the lease for years because a previous co-tenant ‘did a midnight runner’ and left extensive damage, which I paid to fix. She then refused to sign over the bond, so the agency still have her listed as an ‘unofficial’ tenant. As such, it’s currently a month-by-month arrangement.
After she left, I was given permission by the agent to move an old friend in, expecting this situation would get sorted. After more than 2 years, it hasn’t.
We fell into a relationship at one point, but it was clear it wasn’t working out - particularly when the police were needed over a DV incident. There is a limited IVO against him - getting this varied is taking time due to COVID, but he is hiding so that he can’t be served, anyway.
My son and I are in crisis accommodation; I have given my 28-day notice to vacate and have been approved for a new rental. All I need now is to gain SAFE entry to the property to pack our belongings for the move. The police consistently refuse to escort me, despite me having to call 000 when he appears within MINUTES of my arrival, and despite the fact that he has firearms in the house (registered). He claims that he returned all keys to me, despite all of his belongings remaining inside. Firstly, by law, he is REQUIRED to have a key and be the ONLY person with keys to the gun safe. Secondly, after hearing unusual sounds in the ceiling that were obviously NOT possums, I did some investigating (and photographing thusly).
There are numerous broken roof tiles on the path outside. Inside, on top of my refrigerator (which sits under the manhole), are fingerprints and BOOT PRINTS in the dust that has accumulated. There is also a boot print lower down on the edge of the sink. Both are stainless steel. This says to me that he has been accessing the house this way (boot prints on TOP of a massive fridge??? Under the manhole???). He has not contributed to the rent, either.
What are my rights? He’s gaining unlawful entry, surely? Even when not attempting to enter the dwelling, he has been at the property, moving things around and has a padlock on the garage that I can no longer access (he may be hiding there at times).
I just want to safely pack and remove my belongings and NEVER LOOK BACK.