SA fired for having last minute 1and a half sick days off...

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5 November 2016
I got a job at a hotel as a casual but before i started the job I told the head chef who interviewed me that I have planned a holiday to Queensland for 5days and then Melbourne for 5 days is that going to be a problem? He says no we can work around it. Im a casual on probation.
I started work then a week later went to Queensland came back worked for 2weeks then went to Melbourne. While in Melbourne I got a severe tooth infection which made my face swell up. Came back to Adelaide and my first shift was was 2days later but I still hadn't recovered from the infection, I forced myself to work. I told the chef im not feeling good and showed him photos and he says thats ok just take it easy... I struggled the whole day but finished my shift. My next shift was 2 days later on a friday but I still hadn't recovered from the infection so I asked for a day off and didnt even get a reply, I figured the chef was angry even though he knew I was sick. I worked on Saturday, Monday night and on Wednesday my son stayed at home from school because he was sick, I went to work explained that my son was sick, my sister could look after him during the day but couldnt at night so I have to take the night shift off. I asked if the other employee could fill in for me tonight and I can fill in for her tomorrow night. The head chefs reaction was oh f#$k what are we meant to do now? This cant keep happening... I said Im sorry my son didnt plan to get sick and made me feel like a useless worker even though I worked hard, didnt even take toilet break and sometimes logged off but kept working just so I could finish the job. There are other employees who work there who can say how hard I worked. 2 days later the head office emailed my job network provider saying they will cease employment because I was unreliable taking days off at the last minute. Under the general protection act as a casual worker I am entitled to have 2 unpaid sick days off and 2 unpaid carers responsibilities days off. I even emailed the head office explaining all of this and didnt even get a reply.
I think I was treated unfairly. Do they have a right to fire me like this?

Tim W

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28 April 2014
Ring the Union's contact centre and see how you go.


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6 April 2016
That's just the nature of casual employment.

I was working at a place one time that had allot of casuals, and there was an 'unwritten' policy that if any casual took a sick day, they would be fired. So as a result, all the casuals come in sick and spread their germs, i was never sick so many times in such a short period in my entire life! I had to quit that job.

Its a national disgrace, and we can only hope that one day the government will wake up, but so far just token legislation that in most cases is not practicably enforceable.


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27 May 2014
Do they have a right to fire me like this?

It is unlikely they have this right, but as Tim has mentioned, contact your Union in the first instance.