NSW Feeling bullied out of employment and damaged reputation

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    7 weeks ago I resigned from my position as manager of a primary school canteen. I was thrown into the position 3 years ago after volunteering, when the previous manager quit and I just fell into her place. The reason I left was that I had no support from the school and P&C to make the necessary changes to implement the healthy canteen strategy that all canteens will soon need to be following. We were running at a loss and at a public P&C meeting where I was not present, rather than discussing how to make the right changes, the idea of finding a replacement manager was discussed. I resigned the next day giving 2 weeks notice. The school announced to the community that the canteen has lost money and the manager position was vacant. 7weeks later the position has been filled and rumours have begun that I was fired after being caught stealing. This could not be further from the truth and living in a small community this can be very damaging to my reputation and future employment. Not to mention the impact it may have on my children who still attend the school.
    What I'm desperate to know is, how do I go about rectifying this issue? I am feeling shocked and dissapointed that after 3years of service I've walked away with a bad reputation and not even a 'thanks for your time'
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    You may have a case for defamation if you can find out who started, and who is repeating these rumours.

    If you have this information and want to take the matter further give me a call.
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