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QLD Family Law Act - Misuse of Federal Circuit Court Transcript?

Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by Manny, 15 May 2016.

  1. Manny

    Manny Member

    15 May 2016
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    The Applicant in a Family Law Matter has deliberately ordered and used family court transcripts of an existing matter before the Federal Circuit Court in support of a Child Support Assessment. The CSA Assessment is separate to the Family Court matter.

    S121 of the Family Law Act states that transcripts should not be published to the public or a section of the public.

    My question is: For self-represented respondents, what is the best way to raise this issue with the Family Court?
  2. AllForHer

    AllForHer Well-Known Member

    23 July 2014
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    CSA isn't the public, or a section of the public. Also, CSA has rules about what they can and cannot accept as evidence. A transcript probably won't cut it as evidence with CSA. If it does attempt to take it into consideration as evidence, you can object to the CSA decision.
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