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SA Entering Property Without Tenant or Real Estate Agents Permission

Discussion in 'Property Law Forum' started by Ali ALshehri, 10 April 2015.

  1. Ali ALshehri

    Ali ALshehri Member

    10 April 2015
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    Today there is one guy access to my unit with any permission to check that I am smoking in inside the unit. In addition smoking alarm was not connected because the alarm is near to the Kitchen area. Indeed I was smoking inside the unit but he stated that I am always accessing to your unit without your permission. He showed evidences that he accessed to the unit many times without any permission or notice from the real estate agents. The question is that any logical authorise to access in the unit without any permission under property law?

    Thank you
  2. praxidice

    praxidice Well-Known Member

    30 May 2014
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    Sounds somewhat naughty to me but then you are probably aware you signed something to say you agreed not to smoke inside the unit. (its extremely rare to find a lease these days that allows smoking anyw Smoking is an utterly disgusting habit that leaves a place smelling for weeks to months, Consequently its hardly surprising someone has their nose out of joint about your addiction. Certainly that doesn't justify unauthorized intrusion but you can hardly claim innocence either.
    Entrance without authority sounds rather naughty but then I suspect you shouldn't be smoking in your unit either. Its extremely rare these days to find a lease that doesn't expressly prohibit smoking, primarily for public liability and insurance reasons. When its all said and done, smoking is an utterly disgusting habit that causes significant damage to properties, leaves a place ponging for months, results in a mess that other mugs have to clean up, and imposes health risks on others, all in the interests of some ignoramus pursuing their addiction.

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