WA Employer gather signatures of co-workers on false evidence

Discussion in 'Employment Law Forum' started by Jessie1234, 23 May 2019.

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    23 May 2019
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    I have been dismissed when I raised a workplace right.
    Dismissal and reasons were confirmed with me verbally and later verified in text by messaging app from employer.
    No formal dismissal letter.

    During notice period, I raised the unlawful dismissal to employer in hope to resolve the issue privately.
    Employer insist it was me who wanted to resign when on no instance did I express my intention to resign
    (verbally or written).
    Employer sent an official acceptance letter of resignation when I did not resign. (I emailed to clarify that I never wanted to resign and I have been dismissed)

    Raised General Protection to Fairwork within 21 days of my last day, with a clear timeline of unfolding of events and text messages and email evidence)

    Employer took signatures of ex co-workers as false evidence that all of them think I have resigned. And insist I have not been dismissed.

    Conference is coming up What should i do?
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    Did you lodge with the FWC? F8? And if so what did the employer say in their F8A?

    Is it conciliation or mediation?

    If you want some advice give me a call.
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