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30 December 2014
I was hired at a Internet cafe since June/July. I remember signing a few things and was hired for front counter and some on the side painting work within the store. After my introducing shift they said we don't have many hours but will call for me to do cover shifts and will work with rosters to see if we can give you more hours. As other staff members were leaving I would ask if I could pick up there hours but my requests were falling of deaf ears. I was patient and waited with no result. I've asked for the hours of 3 people who've left the store but it was cheaper to put a guy who was newer than me on because 'He is cheaper to keep on then you' I got paid $16 a hour and I'm 18.

2 months ago I was almost done a painting a wall which isn't really classified as a shift but just paid work and was told that the lease may not be resigned so i ask for them to let me know as soon as possible so i could finish the beautiful wall piece. it also turned out my boss had changed to another person and i found out after the fact. Yesterday I was messaged on Facebook that I was no longer needed for painting and that I was fired. No notice no warnings (dismissal) nothing dragged along for months on the adviso of, oh we will call if we get shifts for you, or ill add a shift in over Christmas for you. I got a phone call from the store director telling me that the new owner didn't want me on his team and he could pick and choose who ever he liked, and if i went for legal support that yes there is great help for employees but so do managers. I emailed them requesting a copy of my employment contract and any other documents in relation to me working at the store. I received an email that the place i work does not do employment contracts. Then what did i sign? I know I signed a few things. So i emailed them again asking for paperwork in relation to me working there-still waiting a response.

He emailed:
'You do not sign any paperwork. I have attached your payslips. * will send out your employment separation certificate'

But I did sign paperwork a form and others with my tax file number (TFN), it stated the type of work which i believe was full time casual. He's lying and withholding information.

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria