QLD DUI Drink Driving Charge Within 5 Years

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2 April 2015
Was pulled over and blew the bag .073, so low range DUI drink driving, and I thought it was over or just over the 5 years, so when I was going back to the station, I asked the officer could he check and he did, he told me that I was over the 5 years and that I should be able to apply for a work licence, so naturally I was relieved because of my previous history, he also told me that I would probably only lose my drivers licence for 1 or 2 months, he gave me a false sense of security. Then my first court appearence I asked for an adjournment so I could apply for a work license and that's when the police prosecutor told me I couldn't cause I was within the 5 years, and then I told him what the officer had said to me and he said well me made a mistake, I don't want to get off, I just want a work license, I was 1 month off the 5 years, have a got a leg to stand on?


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27 May 2014
A court will not listen to what you say the police said to you. They will look purely at the facts.

As for applying for a work licence - I can't comment, don't know the rules.