QLD Drink Driving Conviction

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23 September 2014
Hi there, we are due to visit Australia next summer from Ireland for my brothers wedding. My partner was convicted of drink driving in 2013 and got a three year ban but can apply to get it back in July 2014. This is his only ever conviction will this impede his entry into Australia or what visa should he apply for. He has learnt his lesson :)

Thanks in advance.

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Aude,

Was your brother convicted in Ireland or Australia?

Generally, this shouldn't hinder him from entering Australia. But best to check with the Australian embassy in Ireland/UK.

In terms of which visa to get, this will depend on whether your brother is a European passport holder or not. A visitor visa is probably most suited if you and your brother are just in Australia for a short stay as a tourist.

See "Visas and migration - Australian embassy" for more on visa requirements.


Hi Aude,

Further to Sarah J's comments, here is a link to the character requirements for entering Australia on the Department of Immigration and Citezenship (DIAC) website. The entry card I believe states that you must declare any criminal convictions within the last 10 years, but it doesn't necessarily preclude your entry if you have one.

I have heard of people being allowed entry into Australia with DUI offences, because they were honest and up front with authorities, however I recommend discussing it with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (+61 2 6264 1111).