NSW Director mistakenly typed his name on contract instead of company nameBuilding contract

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    1. Construction contract was entered between building company and a client.

    2. Builders licence was issued to company .

    3. Director(who is not a builder ) accidentally typed his name on contract instead of company names.

    4. Debt collection lodged by company in NCAT.

    5.Clients refusing to pay last 10% of contract on the basis that contract is with person not building company.

    6. All other documents were issued under company's name (Tender, home warranty insurance, progress payment invoices etc).Even their bank has released previous payment into company's bank account.

    7.Can the company recover money from clients ?

    8. Also client has taken illegal possession of the property by entering into house.No handover was done nor permission to enter premises was granted .

    9. Will this be classified as breach oof warranty and contract ?

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