WA Defamation by Police - What Can I Do?

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22 January 2016

I have been heckled and called a child molester and all sorts by random strangers with no connection with each other. One even said "It's you, the c**t from the notice. They're coming for you mate". This was in reference to a police notice that went out apparently, but I have yet to find it or been told where to look as no one will give me the time of day to find it once I ask. They just slag me off.

I am shocked and disgusted by these allegations as I have no criminal record and have not done such a horrible thing and yet random people are noticing me and sometimes slandering me. I have no proof to take this to a lawyer. Unfortunately, all these events have happened when I am by myself as I have no friends in this city because I have only recently moved to Perth and am now afraid to talk or connect with people due to these allegations and I want to clear my name.

Like I said I have no proof. I have posted before when I suspected something was going on but received nothing in form of FOI or Facebook posts searches or even google searches. I am so angered and afraid that I will never get closure on this and that the police if they are behind this (which seems likely) got away with accusing me with something and slandering me yet never charging me or interviewing me or anything.

Is my accounts of these events enough to take to a lawyer or is he just gonna charge me for a consultation and tell me there's nothing he can do?

Is there any form of action that can be taken in order to force the police to show if they have ever released my personal information or breached my rights even in order to further whatever it is they are doing so I can just go into a police station with a lawyer and go about this. It's been over a year since all this started and still continues.

I have at least 10 events I can bring up. This just doesn't seem right I am an Australian citizen, I have no criminal history, I don't even associate with the people in my area, all I can think of is a friend I had a really bad falling out with over east but even if he made a false report could it be taken this far?! I need help.

I would prefer if they were gonna do this just to charge me so I can go to court and clear this up instead of leaving me in the dark question what is happening. And if it's not the police by some chance they should help me catch the asshole who has slandered me.

Rob Legat - SBPL

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16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland
This isn't defamation. From what you're saying, it sounds like a case of mistaken identity. I'd suggest going to the police, explaining the situation and see if they can shed any light on it.

Karen mcguane

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14 February 2018
I would definitely recommend you go to police and take it up with them first if they fail to help you I would then take your story to the west Australian paper also Today Tonight if this has happened to you it can happen again to anyone else in order to stop this you must go to the authorities