QLD Defamation Action to Protect Employment Prospects?

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26 May 2015
Hi I need help, I am married and lacked the attention I desired in my relationship and I had a friend on facebook that would talk to me another woman who is also married. We started talking as per normal and one night things got a little naughty yes we crossed the line but we stopped before things got out of hand, we continued to talk normally with the occasional what I would call a confidence boost to our egos.

After a couple of days, she deleted me as a friend which didnt bother me as I had no intentioms of pursuing anything further with her. After approximately 1 month, she contatced my wife and told her what I did, she told my wife she told an ex work colleague also.

The problem is she is worried about her job and suing me for defamation, but I haven't said anything to anyone or denied what was said. I admitted to my wife of my mistake and what was said. I take full responsibility for my actions, but I cant understand why she would bring it up and want to sue when I haven't told anyone or defamed her at all.

Please help.


Well-Known Member
11 July 2014
Hi Nicnat

Working from general principles, if she intends to sue you for defamation and as you say you have not said anything untrue and nothing that could harm her reputation, then it may be difficult for her to present evidence capable of satisfying the elements of defamation.

It will be interesting to see the input from other contributors.