VIC Dealer Knowingly Sold Faulty Car - Get It Swapped?

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3 February 2017
I purchased a used Ford Fiesta 6 months back from a well-known car dealer in Bundoora. When I bought it, they sold me saying it's a very good and a clean car, with no fault in it. Now I found out that the car has a transmission problem from my local dealer. And my local dealer said that the car was sold with the problem to me as he can see that I have driven only 3000km since I bought.

I called the dealer who sold my car and got the service history checked, then I found out that the car already had a transmission problem before, and the same dealer who sold it already knew it. Now they are saying they will fix it.

But after knowing the problem, I don't want to keep the car. Is there any chance I can swap the car with a different one, paying the difference amount?

Please help me with this.



The dealer may have engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct which is prohibited under the Australian consumer law. They may also be in breach of consumer warranties. Remedies for the latter is generally limited to repair where appropriate, however you may be awarded damages or a compensation order or injunction for misleading and deceptive conduct. Check out s18 of the Australian Consumer Law.