VIC Daughter Very Sad at Current School - Options?

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19 June 2018

My daughter doesn't want to go back to her current secondary school. There were some disagreements in their friendship group.

She had kept it to herself till boiling point 3-4 weeks ago.

School has suggested things, like seeing Wellbeing school Team and GP mental plan - but bottom line she doesn't want to be anywhere near that school because every time she sees her ex-friend she is sad & mad at the same time and very emotional (panic attacks, crying, no concentrate). She just wants to leave it there and happy to go elsewhere.

We had been to meetings at her school about this 3 times now she has cried on all visits and doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Nor see a specialist.

This secondary school has 2 campuses and we had requested to transfer asap - the school assistant said it will be hard.

Now the outcome from College principal is the campus transfer is not approved. I'm not happy with the school's response at all.

Are we now allowed to engage other schools for enrolment? We'd like her happy and back on track and enjoying her time every week.

I know we will need to start asking how her day is going more often.


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5 February 2019
This isn't a family law issue. Schools are at liberty to develop and implement their own policies for a range of matters, but there's nothing stopping you from speaking to another school about enrollment for your daughter.
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