Custody of Children - Can It be Done without My Knowledge?

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AreshnA Kumar

2 July 2014
I have been having issues with my husband and in-laws. At one stage I walked out of the house with my daughter but then came back as he promised to change. Recently we had a argument where he said that he has already talked with his lawyer in regards to custody of my daughter (custody of children), but then he said he is lying. I am little bit afraid that he is trying to get custody of my daughter behind my back and acting sweet. Can he do this without my knowledge?


Well-Known Member
19 April 2014
Hi Areshna,
He may well be receiving legal advice and not telling you about it. However, he can't just take your daughter away from you/get full custody without going through the family court and without having a very good reason as to why its not in your child's best interests to be cared for by both her parents - which you'd know about.

Are you and your husband considering divorce? It might be worthwhile for you to contact your local community legal centre or Women's Legal Services Centre for some legal advice and practical support. Family Relationships also has an advice line.
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