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    I am being chased by Credit Corp.for an alleged Credit Card debt. I have not acknowledged that the debt is mine. I have requested a copy of the original credit contract. They have said that it’s too long ago and they can’t provide this but they have indicated that they bought the debt from ANZ and have provided a letter of assignment.

    I have also requested a copy of all correspondence, calls, emails, text messages letters that have been sent and they said that they will need to search their records and that they will charge for this. I suspect that they have been ringing and trying to contact me more than they are allowed to and need this to prove that they are harassing me.

    Further, the original credit card contract was when I lived in Alice springs although now live in NSW so it is a debt of more than 3 years. Is this a statute barred debt? Because it was entered into on the NT even though I now live in NSW.

    Thanks for any information that you can provide.

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