QLD Correctional Centre - Letter Sent under My Name but wasn't Me

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8 March 2015
A person in a correctional centre has received a letter stating it was sent from myself. I never sent the letter. I have received abuse regarding this. I went to the local police station to ask for help either proving I didn't send it or finding out who did. They advised me it was not a police matter & to seek legal advice.

Sarah J

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16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Juanita,

It appears your question has slipped under our radar, so apologies for taking so long to respond to this.

A few questions to ask you:
  • Do you know who wrote the letter?
  • Are you still receiving abuse from this situation? If so, in what form is the abuse coming from? (e.g. threatening letters, offensive letters, physical confrontations?) If you have been treated, if it perhaps worthwhile going back to the police, with evidence of the grounds for feeling threatened, and seeing if the police can help you now.
  • Do you know who is sending you the abuse? If you can identify the individual, you can go to court and apply for an protection order (see: "ALRC - Protection orders and the criminal law")
If the police are still unwilling to help you, your best option would be to contact your local community legal centre and QLD Legal Aid.
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