VIC Convinced to Buy Timeshare - How to Get Out of It?

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pauline finch

20 May 2015
Hi, I was in Bali recently and was convinced into buying timeshare. I have been worried sick about the whole situation and I desperately want to get out of this mess. Is there any way under Australian law?

I don’t have much and I care for my frail mother. I am a diabetic and I am falling apart at this stupid thing I have gone into. I am so desperate, please help me if possible.


Well-Known Member
10 February 2015
Hi Pauline,

Can you please provide more information:
1. Who convinced you to buy into a timeshare? (Include their nationality if you know it)
2. Under what circumstances (did they approach you, was there a lot of pressure)?
3. Where is the timeshare? In Indonesia or Australia?
4. What have you signed? (What does the contract say? Who is it to? A company?)
5. Have you paid over any money?
6. What is happening now? (Are you just having buyers regret or are there complications?)