QLD Confirmation Letter from Holiday Accommodation Legally Binding - Australian Consumer Law?

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3 November 2015
Friends and I have a sporting event to attend so a month ago. We booked a holiday apartment in Broadbeach QLD for 15 nights in May.

We booked through Booking.com, and received a full confirmation including price from them.

Now they have emailed and said that they made a mistake in the price, and we owe them another $800. There are now no other accommodation options for us in Broadbeach.

I have emailed Booking.com and expressed my disappointment, and asked if they can do better.
I have today received a reply (after 4 days) saying that they are trying to reach the manager of the holiday apartments to see if he will honour the price that they advertised and confirmed.

My question is this, do I have any recourse if I receive a negative response under Australian Consumer Law? We are at a very big loose end now as we are contracted to attend, and thought we had booked in good faith.