NSW Commercial Law - Business Partner Filed Case against Me - Options?

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Syed Bokhari

New Member
6 August 2015
I bought a retail business and my friend who is on a visitor visa requested me to accept some of his investment and put him as a sleeping partner so that it could help him to obtain some sort of a permanent residency visa. After a year, the business faced a huge loss and with his agreeing I sold the business while his visa application was in process. His visa application was refused and he became so angry with me obviously for no reason. He then filed a case against me for selling business without his permission which is absolutely not true.

Before selling the business, he signed paperwork agreeing for the sale but now he denies it even though I have the paper work with me which was done through a professional licensed company.

What can I do now under Commercial Law? I am so much under tension.


Well-Known Member
11 July 2014
Hi there
First, if he's being dishonest, litigious (filing a case against you) and has a lot to lose (for example related to visas and residency), you would do well to make sure you have proper legal representation, which means engaging a lawyer. It costs money, but as they say, ''don't save a penny to lose a pound''. Also, having someone on your side with a bit of clout and experience will likely give you some confidence about things as you move forward, and may help to reduce the emotional tension of which you made mention.

Secondly, make sure you keep the original paperwork. Don't lose it! Get copies, both physical and electronic.