Citizenship for none citizens of Australia (while tourists)?

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5 January 2018
Hello All,

I was chatting with people and we raised the point about people coming as tourists to Australia, and they have a child in Australia. Will that child be granted Australian citizenship for being born in Australia only and the parents are not Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia- they are on tourist visa only or other visa (example : work visa ) [other than Permanent Resident visa]. As I did not hear of stories like people coming to Australia for that purpose as it happens often in the USA.

I appreciate clarification about this point, it is an interesting point, as I rarely hear stories or know of anyone who comes to Australia for the purpose of having the wife bearing the child in Australia. Any comments or clarifications on this issue will be highly appreciated.

Yes, I am Australian citizen, I am not a student or a tourist looking to get a PR or citizenship in Australia, I did that legally back in late 90s,,,, Ausi Ausi Ausi, Oi Oi Oi....



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11 May 2020
Merely being born in Australia does not qualify you for Australian citizenship.
from memory to be born an Australian citizen you must be born in Australia with an Australian parent or parent on a permanent resident visa. The information is easily googleable.
(you can also qualify for citizenship other ways. Eg being born overseas to an Australian citizen and an application being made on your behalf before you turn 18)