Charged with Theft Again - Consequences?

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14 July 2014
Hello, tricky question here. Earlier this year I was charged with a theft of $112 from a previous employer. I was given a 12 month probation and fined the amount stolen plus court and legal fees. I have long since paid those off. Recently I was charged again with the theft of a grocery item to the value of $7.76. It was of my own doing. I placed the item in my jacket pocket so I could carry more items with me. I reached the self service checkout and realized I didn't have enough to pay for it all. I panicked, paid for the items I had on hand and went to leave and was apprehended by store security and later charged with theft. I have since paid the store the owed $7.76 and have been given a trespass order for the next 12 months. I'm yet to receive a summons to court over the matter but I assume I will.

What sort of fines and consequences am I looking at? Prison time? I'm stressing out bit time about a stupid mistake.


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10 July 2014
I strongly don't feel that petty theft will result in imprisonment.