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VIC Caught Speeding - Go to Traffic Law Court?

Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by Darrin Seamons, 6 September 2016.

  1. Darrin Seamons

    6 September 2016
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    I was on a 12-month (1point) bond and was caught speeding (100km in a 80k zone). My GPS stated it was a 100k Zone and I had set my cruise control. I explained all this to the TMU officer, but he didn't care.

    Is this worth taking to Traffic Law Court? I admit I was speeding, but at the time, I believed I was doing the legal limit. Sadly, if I do nothing, I am now going to lose my Drivers Licence for 6 months.

    What should I do?
  2. Rod

    Rod Well-Known Member

    27 May 2014
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    Only you can answer this question.

    You either pay up and accept loss of licence or you take it to court.

    If going to court, a GPS car navigation system is unlikely to get you off, but worth a shot if you need your licence. Take evidence of your navigation system to court, plead extenuating circumstances and see what happens. Who knows, maybe you will catch a magistrate having a good day.
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  3. Victoria S

    Victoria S Well-Known Member

    9 April 2014
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    An excuse for speeding is not a defence and can not reduce mandatory penalties, unless you drove because it was a matter of life or death. Good driving history or a reason for speeding can never reduce a mandatory minimum period of suspension.

    Ignorance of the speed limit in a particular area is also no excuse - nor is it a defence. You might have an argument if the court accepts that you did everything reasonably possible and that it was reasonable for you to believe that you were driving lawfully, although this defence is not usually applicable in speeding cases.
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