WA Can Police put a RBT stop on a bridge ?

Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by Bob the Builder, 18 October 2018.

  1. Bob the Builder

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    18 October 2018
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    I am sure there must be some procedure for the Police to put a RBT in any area.

    This usually means there is prominent ( visual) presence of the Police and usually a "batton" man that
    directs people to a checking area.

    Due to none of the above happening and having a long line of traffic ( along a bridge can you believe)
    there made any idea of the above non existent.

    Due to a lovely day I was driving along this scenic area and in short had an accident by rear ending a van that seemed to stop for no reason. This lead to my van being written off !

    Do I have any redress ?

    Thank you
  2. Rod

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    27 May 2014
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    Unlikely. You are supposed to be driving in such a manner that you are able to stop before any collisions occur.

    Was it unsafe of the police to cause traffic to stop at a bridge so they can breath test - yes. Does it give you a cause of action against the police - no.
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  3. kevin586

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    14 January 2019
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    I got stopped for RBT once on a duel carriageway and they had the test on both sides. I asked the officer "what reasonable suspicion do you have that I have been drinking? she refused to say. So much for our right to the presumption of innocence.

    I used up as much time as I could and that got up their nose a bit.
  4. Adam1user

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    5 January 2018
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    I don't think the RBT is selective, the "R" stands for random. You got tested by chance and I don't think they are aiming for you. Police officers are generally good, there are some bad apples between them.
    In any case, it is best to do as you are told with the police and move on, if they are nice then it is an advantage, if the police officer was not nice, just get it done and move on. Pissing off the police officer is not to your advantage.

    One point I like to mention, that many may not think of, is that the police officers usually deal with hard people, so their mentality mostly is switched to be careful, let's say. If you take that into consideration, it may help you next time.

    I got a fine one time from a police officer whom was a bit hard on me and I selected to go to court, I thought that I would get section 10 but I got off without the fine at all. Read :

    NSW - Riding a Scooter in Car Park Without a Helmet?
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