QLD Banned from Visitor Information Centre - Is This Right?

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17 July 2015
Hi, I was hoping someone would be able to assist me.

I received a phone call from a lady who works as a volunteer in our local visitor information centre informing me that I am banned from entering the premises. I asked on what grounds and was informed that until I could speak nicely to the volunteers and staff I was not permitted on premises. I asked for more details and was given no answer.

This visitor information centre is funded by the local council and is run by a tourism incorporation. I was going to write to the board of this incorporation requesting the lady's role and if this is a formal banning by the board and if so, what are the terms of the banning and the reasoning behind the ban as I am at a loss as to this. But before writing the letter I thought I would just ask here to see if this is the right avenue.

I am a volunteer and am the main organizer of community events in our town and use the visitor information centre leaving flyers of up coming events for the visitors to our town. I was informed by the lady on the phone that I am not to drop at the Chamber of Commerce information off or other community events flyers that someone else is to.

My main query is as a resident, can I be banned from entering a public place, and if so should there be more than just a phone call to advise me of this?


Well-Known Member
16 July 2014

Assuming the centre is a private premises (run by a tourism corporation), then they absolutely have the right to exclude people from their premises. I am not sure that it being funded by the council is enough to deem it as a public premise. I would be requesting that they provide you an explanation in writing so that you're aware of the reason for the exclusion and the terms of the exclusion (ie, is it indefinitely? is it for a set period of time?). By requesting it in writing, you will be able to confirm that this isn't just the request of one staff member and is a decision by the business.

Best of luck