NSW Bank Needing Beneficiary's Date of Birth - Options?

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19 September 2018
I am Executor of Will for my late parent's will. I am in the process of obtaining Probate (via Solicitor) and have opened an "Estate Account" at the same bank as my late parent banked.

There are 2 Beneficiaries, myself and my late parent's sibling who was left a Gift/Special Bequest of $2000.

Bank is demanding I provide them with the Date of Birth of the sibling, but I don't know it and since we've not been on good terms for some time. I don't care to know it and nor do I feel I need to know it to accurately and honourably carry my duties as Executor of Will. There is no question as to whom the Bequest is to be made.

Can I tell the Bank it's their problem, not mine?

Should I inform the beneficiary that if they want their bequest, they need to go to a Branch and show some ID? But would that not conflict with my duty to properly execute the Will as I see fit as Executor. Does the Bank have a right to delay distribution based on this demand?

Can the Bank prevent me from doing my duty as Executor in good time, if this beneficiary is not "verified" by them as they are insisting, even though I know full well who this person is and have all my life?