Affiliate Marketing Website Ownership Dispute?

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Belinda Dwyer

14 June 2014
Hi I owned a social forum/website with a partner for four years. We built it up and we were making about $4000/$5000 a month from our affiliate marketing. He decided to cut all ties and cut me out. He had his name on everything the domains, and according to the affiliate manager of the website, whoever owns the domains gets all the money. My problem is, we were both 50/50 in this and when we started making money, he cut it all off and said its all in his name goodbye. I trusted this guy and it was all a handshake deal. Is there anything I can do under contract law?

John R

Well-Known Member
14 April 2014
Hi Belinda,
  1. What did you agree as part of your handshake deal (that is, did you both put 50/50 initial capital in to launch the forum/website, 50/50 work put in to develop and maintain the forum/website)?
  2. How have you confronted your business partner so far to attempt to resolve the issue?