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İspir (Armenian: Սպեր, Sper; Georgian: სპერი, Speri) is a town and district of Erzurum Province in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, on the Çoruh River. The mayor is Osman Çakır (AKP). The district has a population of 30,260 while the town has a population of 11,789.

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  1. M

    QLD Car Hire Company - Fine not Sent

    My daughter, living in another country, was shocked to find $793.90 and $55.00 deducted on the 15 Sept 2014 from her Visa. This was done by the Car Hire Company, Enforcement Order due date 19 Sept. She was able to get the amount back from Visa, as she had told Visa that it was an unlawful...
  2. B

    QLD Speeding Fines with Wrong Date - Legal under Traffic Law?

    Hi, my son got a speeding fine and the officer put the wrong date on the fine and when I sent it of to get it put on sper I noted on the fine that the wrong date was entered on the bottom of the fine. e.g 30.09.14 and it should have been 30.08.14. They have since issued a new fine and was...
  3. H

    QLD Speeding Fines from SPER - Dispute under Traffic Law?

    G'day, I've received a speed camera infringement notice from SPER at my postal address. This was the first I knew of the incident. I contacted the police and SPER and found out that SPER became involved as I never responded to the original fine. The Police provided SPER with my postal address...
  4. R

    QLD Pleaded Guilty to SPER - Defence Layout a Statutory of Declaration?

    I have pleaded guilty to SPER suspending my drivers licence, representing myself. I cannot apply for work licence therefore an affidavit is not necessary? Is my defence layout that of a statutory declaration?
  5. S

    QLD Gold Coast City Council Parking Fines Dispute with SPER

    SPER is demanding fines be paid. I have already requested multiple times that they be seen in court, but the other parties are unresponsive, i.e the traffic camera office is not responding to my requests for the matter to go to court... and the Gold Coast city council doesn't respond to the...
  6. N

    QLD Police Pulled Over for Suspended Drivers Licence - Court Appearance?

    Hey guys, I was recently pulled over for a "random drivers licence check" and I had an outstanding toll fine I was informed my licence had been suspended a few months back and I would need to go to court. The police officer said I could take it up with SPER? I had never heard of SPER is this a...